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In 2015, there is a shift in marketing spending from traditional advertising to advertising on digital channels like social media. The Salesforce State of Marketing Survey 2015 indicates the following being the percentage views of marketers in top marketing challenges.
1. New business development – (As per 27% of marketers)
2. Quality of leads – (As per 27% of marketers)
3. Keeping up with current marketing trends – (27%)
4. Customer acquisition – (26%)
5. Integrating marketing tools/systems – (25%)
6. Quantifying marketing ROI – (25%)
7. Budgetary constraints – (23%)
8. Demand & lead generation – (23%)
9. Producing unique & quality content – (22%)
10. Talent acquisition & retention – (20%)
We can summarize the challenges into lead generation, customer acquisition, process automation and team building. After CRM & Analytics, 45% marketers will employ a marketing automation solution to counter their overall online marketing challenges.

How to Meet Them?

In search engine optimization, there is a shift from ‘link building’ to ‘link earning.’ Similarly, marketing is no more a lead generation exercise, instead, a lead earning drive, where marketing managers analyze their entire marketing strategy over different campaigns and assess overall results of the previous campaigns.
An omni-channel marketing strategy i.e, integrating your marketing channels and manage them with single focus. Stronger integration between marketing and sales creates harmony in strategic thinking and improves overall online marketing success rate by 40%.
Giving prospects a personalized touch of service, information and advice results in much better results. Today’s smart marketer does not sell, instead, they share information to help people buy using a hyper personalization marketing strategy. A system of feedback help everyone analyze the performance, set the right priorities and finally improve the overall ROI in a disciplined manner resulting a better talent acquisition and retention.

Furthermore, mobile is the future. Whatever channel you adopt, you need to keep an eye on mobile requirement (like landing page’s mobile friendliness) and web applications.

Top 6 Digital Marketing Trends in 2015

1. A vast majority (84%) will have m