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The rise of inside sales explores the past, present and future of sales. According to Sirius Decisions, 67% of the buyer’s journey is now done digitally. That means that almost 70% of the purchase decision is made before prospects even initiate a meaningful conversation with sales. If you aren’t providing value before that first interaction with the rep, then you’re most likely not going to be a contender for your prospect’s affection.

Salesvue, an sales force automation company, has produced the below infographic, The Rise of Inside Sales in 2015, that explores the past, present and future of sales. An executive from Salesvue suggests that “Inside sales is quickly evolving based on prospect behavior and sales representatives need to adapt in order to win.”



The infographic as shown above by Siruis Decisions describes more insight into inside sales, which can be described as below:

– Inside sales is growing 300% faster than outside sales.

– According to the Harvard Business Review, cold calling does NOT work 90.9% of the time.

–  Outbound leads are costing your company more and more because of the effort it takes to close them.

– Social selling will become common place.




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