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The rising importance of digital media, marketing and commerce is elevating the immense significance of the digital marketer as strategist, innovator and buyer of advisory services and technology. As shown in the infographic as created and shared by Soriano Media, the digital trends have intensified the battle for people’s fragmented attention as businesses try to reach, engage, attract, sell to and serve customers accross offline and digital channels. This battle is driving strong growth in spending on digital marketing.

Digital marketing is the set of systems and processes that businesses use to interact with customers over digital channels such as the web or mobile devices and to measure, manage and optimize those interactions. Digital marketing activities include creative design; content creation and management; marketing automation; customer and campaign analytics; e-commerce; and web, search, email, social and mobile marketing. As an executive from Soriano Media rightly said on digital marketing trends, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”






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