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The Future of Marketing is embracing IoT & learning how to market moments, not things. Now that is to create a compelling vision for tomorrow that resonates with and connects people with our products, brands and messages. Basically, as technology advances and devices proliferate at unprecedented speed, the allure of marketing things will quickly prove both insatiable and unmanageable.

Changes in technology can be exciting, but also frightening to every marketer. Current techniques such as asking for social likes, buying pop up ads or creating blast email campaigns will not win over your average customer. Each device, €”in fact each customer interaction, is a conduit for learning. The best marketers will take advantage of both and find them to be unexpectedly helpful in the moments that matter.

Marketing in the Moment

So what is the Internet of Things exactly? At its core, IoT is centered around increased machine-to-machine communication. It’s built on cloud computing and networks of data-gathering sensors; it’s mobile, virtual, and instantaneous connection and it’s going to make everything in our lives from houses to railways “smart.” With a flood of smart devices and everything wifi and social media equipped, our world is shifting towards being completely connected in every aspect and moment imaginable.

Smart technology trends

One of the biggest advantages of smart technologies is their ability to predict and prevent problems. That is to say, the real value that the Internet of Things creates is at the intersection of gathering and leveraging data. But, all the information gathered by all the sensors in the world isn’t worth very much if there isn’t an infrastructure in place to analyze it and act on it in real time. By 2020, the number of devices connected to the Internet is expected to exceed 40 billion. We will have the ability to gather virtually unlimited intelligence in real time.

Data intelligence in place

So, how will we make this intelligence useful? Well, companies like Interana already use this type of intelligence as data points that are, simply put, moments in time. These moments are the heart of any business and the key to better understanding and serving customers. By adding information about where someone is, what device they’re using and at what time of day, marketers can figure out the best message to show – not just at that moment, but for that moment.

What this Means for You

For marketers, doing this successfully means shedding our one-size-fits-all idea of marketing. The way we’ll win is by offering information people value in critical moments. It’s not that being relevant is a new concept. But, being relevant in the moment is where marketing power and consumer expectations – now lie. Many transactional businesses have instant access to data as users log into their site or engage with a product. Users often stay logged in, and frequently across devices, which means there is a lot of personal information that can be collected on a user’s behavior, like purchase history, location, when they are active on site etc etc. With a new world of connected devices, marketers can use more precise targeting, messaging and measuring, instead of making advertising decisions just based on the publications a potential customer might read. The next stage of marketing is really about taking personalization to the next level.



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