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As we all know, social media platforms open up huge opportunities when it comes to reaching and interacting with audiences within digital. But are you getting on the radar of the right people? Are they listening? Do they pay attention to what your brand has to say?

You might have a whole archive of wonderful, interesting content but, building up a loyal following, deciding which digital channels to distribute and how to optimise the content are just some of the key challenges many marketers and businesses may face.

That’s why below are our top tips on how to grow and nurture your relationship with your audience across social media, which can be easily incorporated into your marketing activities. Get connecting and optimizing with right audience at right time to achieve right results!

1) Create content tailored social

Consider how you intend it to be shared, once a new piece of content has been created, c. Users on social media don’t want to read exhaustive words, nor have the time to spend trawling through a never-ending list of posts; it is crucial to tell a story quickly and creatively.
Appealing images, compelling language with a call to action and a shortened link (Using or are all elements to take into account to help maximize reach and engagement to wider audience.

2) Get social involved in your distribution strategy

It’s a good idea to evaluate your strategy to see how social plays a role in your activity, and its effectiveness when it comes to attracting new viewers. Ideally, the various channels should be a key part of your business’ distribution strategy to establish the grounds for potential engagement with customers and followers in the future.

Decide on what metrics you want to measure in terms of social engagement, to track over 3 months (to start to see any emerging patterns) and set targets over a longer period of time. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing to help set those benchmarks and objectives, and also so you can make sure you’re ahead of the game!

As part of your website analytics, be sure to monitor the referral analytics from social media to see which channels are driving the most traffic and also which posts/pages are performing the best. These results could highlight interesting activity to help determine more efficient and effective sharing strategies for the future.

Something else to consider is identifying influencers in your industry with a significant social following. If you create a strong piece of content, perhaps an informative infographic or how-to guide, this could be something you want these people to see themselves – and share it through their networks to help generate awareness and traffic.

3) It’s not just about ‘going viral’

Now-a-days, not only viral contents, but an interactive, cross-channel content with ‘shareability’ approach win. Making sure that each post, page or visual piece of content has the potential to be shared through social media. This is where testing social media copy, headlines, images and adding share buttons is essential to encourage your content being shared. Understanding your audience and knowing which channels they are on and how they use them is also the most significant point which will determine this.

4) Are you trending the social media horizon?

Because the social media landscape is ever changing, it is important to keep an eye out for new trends, particularly in online distribution. With new platforms integrated and cross-channel with a programmatic viewpoint provide a means of shared content, consider these in your own with an optimum social strategy.

Recently, the rolling out of features on established channels like the ‘While you Were Away’ feature on Twitter or Facebook’s Trending feature, opens up new opportunities for brands to get their content in front of a wider audience. Then there’s the recent arrival or line-streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat, both of which have been described as the ‘future of social television’.

Finally, knowing what your audience are interested in, which social media channels they use frequently and how they consume content. By using these insights to help inform content and social sharing activity, you can really enhance the experience of your readers, thus helping to build long-term relationships with them.


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