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During recent SMX keynote, Google’s vice president Brad Bender of product management for the Google Display Network announced a new Adwords Audience Insights report that outlines details like demographics, interests, locations and device usage for people included on an advertiser’s remarketing lists, which is currently rolling out.
Bender said the new Adwords tool will allow advertisers to look at people who have bought from them, and better understand their audiences. Bender’s announcement was accompanied by an Adwords blog post, defining how advertisers can use the new Audience Insights report, along with the a screenshot of what it looks like.


If most people who converted on your site are jazz enthusiasts, you may wish to add this affinity audience to your campaign. Or, if many of your customers are females between the ages of 25 and 34, you might want to customize your ad creative to appeal to this demographic, according to this Inside Adwords Blog.

Finally, Google Display Network executive says online ads are necessary to make sure publishers and content survive. The problem with ad blockers is that they’re blocking the good ads and the bad ads. Google has a big stake in this discussion since almost all of the company’s revenue comes from selling online ads. Bender says he thinks Google’s text ads are unobtrusive and the company’s focus is on making all Google ads “as useful and relevant as possible” and thereby he announced a commitment to only charge for display ads that are viewed.

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