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 There is a loads going on within social media advertising space at the moment.  The latest estimates say it will account for a third of all digital marketing spend this year.  This king is of course, facebook.  Their Q2 reports this year show as taggering $6.2bn in advertising revenue.  The other networks pale in comparison, LinkedIn is currently showing the slowest growth in ad spend and twitter is projected to only capture 7.9% of worldwide spend this year. Here’s comes 5 tips as attached below, how to run successful social media advertising campaigns across the integrated social media channels.

1. Define your Campaign Objectives & Success Metrics

The first step, as with any marketing, is to define your campaign objectives. You also need to know what success is and how much to pay for it. Some small businesses have no idea about their CPA (cost per acquisition) or CPO (cost per order) but you do need a ball park figure. Through the process of delivering your marketing you can start to see which channels are delivering at what price. Take this in aggregate and you get your “Blended CPA.”


2. Set up your Tracking and Reporting

Google analytics can tell you twitter may have driven a sale but you won’t know which ad worked for you.  This can be done through pixel tracking; a piece of code generated by the advertising platform which you embed on your site. Crucially, it enables you to retarget your site visitors on the social channel too. Get your reports set up too before you start so you can monitor on the fly.


3. Be Familiar with your Audiences & Targeting

The beauty of using social media is the ability to target very specific audiences which your small business may have interacted with already. Either on the social channel, on your site, by email or if you’ve gathered mobile numbers.  Think about lookalike audiences where you expand your existing audiences too. Layer all the demographic targeting, location, interests, education, etc on top you can really start to get pretty tight with who you’re targeting.


4. Make your Creative Stand Out

Getting the creative right is the most important part of your campaign. If you do use video, make sure you overlay with appropriate copy in case the sound is off.  There are some great ad formats available on Facebook including Carousel and Canvas and they are constantly evolving with new features. If you do use these, think about the overall story you’re telling.  Make your call to action clear in the text or within the imagery to drive your objectives and results.

5. Campaign Set Up, Testing & Optimization

You’ve defined your audience, creative and calls to action, now it’s time to finalize the test campaigns and do end-to-end testing.  Go through the user flow (on a mobile if that’s what you’re targeting) from clicking on the advert in the social channel, landing at the destination and taking the desired steps.  Check on the social network the tracking is working and the data on your side, deciding the timing for launch, pressing go on your test campaigns, monitoring, tweaking, upping spend on better performing campaigns and reducing spend to find your sweet spot.


If you’d rather have an expert run your social media advertising campaigns for you or would like some, do get in touch. And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn and Google+ too.

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