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Content Marketing

According to Smart Insights, in a sample size of approximately 450, nearly 30% of companies said that content marketing will make the biggest commercial impact on their business in 2016. Big data and marketing automation came in second and third at 14.3% and 13.8%, respectively.

Of course, not all channels are suitable for all marketers, so if affiliate and co-marketing have both worked for a business until now, that company should by no means abandon them in the race for better content marketing unless it has a dedicated team quality content that gains customers and drives sales.

There are many techniques that may be of use in linking content to PPC, but Facebook is probably the best place for presenting content to a target audience. Besides offering very precise audience-targeting features, Facebook is a place where users are, simply put, always browsing; they are “waiting for the next cool thing to grab their attention,” says Search Engine People.

LinkedIn and Twitter are also great places to attract people looking for interesting and original content.

Russell Group sees a continued increase in inbound marketing techniques corresponding with the decline of outbound techniques. Content marketing also features at the top of their list of trends to emerge in 2015.

The Content Marketing Institute suggests using PPC campaigns to identify a company’s the most valuable audience, and then to either focus on successful markets or to push content marketing harder in unsuccessful markets in order to raise awareness.

Social Media Marketing Diversity

Russell Group says that the second-most important trend to watch in 2016 is the increase in diversity of social media marketing. This shift can be attributed to the ever-increasing variety of social networking sites on the Internet and their importance in building brand equity by making it easier for consumers to easily recognise a particular brand.

Importance of Mobile Friendly

As sales of mobile devices and their online usage increasingly surpass laptop and desktop sales and usage, as CNN reports, mobile-friendly content will become more important.

This shift in the way mobile devices connect to the Internet includes the development of responsive web design, touch-friendly interfaces, and optimisation for small displays with high resolutions.

Ad Retargeting Prominence

Ad retargeting will become more prominent due to its success in attracting potential customers after their first interactions with a brand. As many marketers have had success with retargeting, the majority of them are likely to adopt the practice in 2016.

Interdependence between social sharing and SEO

Social sharing of content and SEO will become more co-dependent in 2016. Tying social sharing with PPC can be tricky, but using seller ratings and reviews can help boost awareness of a product or service.

Preparing for 2016

Preparation for the future should never cease: In order to stay at the pinnacle of the industry, businesses should invest in the tools that help them best mobilise their assets. Adthena’s market-driven intelligence tools offer competitive insight that informs business leaders of their competitors’ marketing strategies in real time, allowing them to adapt and overcome them with ease.



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