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There are over 1.49 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide and 968 million people log onto Facebook daily. Facebook advertising has evolved into one of the most effective marketing channels for mobile app developers and marketers. Now, what makes these ads incredibly effective is their ability to increase mobile app downloads, higher engagement and greater retention rates.

Each of these objectives can help with marketing a mobile app. Achieving all three together can deliver outstanding results. Here is how paid Facebook ads can help promote your mobile app:

1. Ads in Facebook Users News Feeds Boosts Downloads

You can place an advert on a user’s news feed with large images and text that incentivise downloads. For example, an online marketing agency could offer a ‘free website analysis’ or a ‘free 30-day trial’ with their services when a user downloads their app.

2. Target Custom Audiences from Your Own Data

Facebook advertising allows businesses to target ‘Custom Audiences’. For example, businesses can upload their database of customers email addresses. Facebook will then let you target these users by matching up their email addresses and deliver an ad to their news-feed. Businesses can have various call-to-action buttons on their Facebook Ad such as ‘Install Now’ or ‘Shop Now’. This is a great way to target inactive users who have engaged with your business in the past and boost app downloads.

3. Businesses Can Hyper Target on Facebook

The greatest advantage Facebook has over other advertising is that it allows you incredibly precise targeting with options to pinpoint high value audiences. You can target on gender, age, interests, demographics etc etc. With over 90% accuracy, you can make sure that your Facebook Ad is targeted to relevant and segmented people. This reduces wasted ad spend and increases the chance to get your app downloaded, which is nothing but the return on investment (ROI).

Facebook ads can clearly help your business boost the number of downloads that can result in increased sales. However you do have to be aware of the overall cost and factor this into the value of a new customer. Planning this in advance can help you optimize your advertising spend and avoid wasted money.

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