Published on by Chandreyi Saha

Most small businesses recognize the opportunities of doing more online – but many are not confident they will get a quality service on which they can build the future of their business. As a result, for the first time the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) is calling for the industry to sign up to a new voluntary code of practice which they should adopt for their business customers. Business broadband suppliers should commit to delivering minimum standards on speeds, reliability, and the transparency of customer information and contracts.

The UK already buys and sells more online than any other G20 country. However, this success story is also at the heart of businesses dissatisfaction with the quality of their broadband and mobile service – as businesses are ever more reliant on digital connectivity, and feel frustrated when the service is not as expected.

According to Mike Cherrs, FSB Policy Director,  “A voluntary code of practice will help simplify matters and build trust between business customers and service providers. It will also allow small firms to better understand what services are available and how they can integrate these into their future business strategy. Getting this right will provide a boost to future economic growth and productivity.”



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