Published on by Chandreyi Saha

Millennials are ruining everything. They don’t behave like other consumers. Their expectations for engagement are higher than others. They want to be valued and they expect companies to be transparent about their intentions. The millennial generation is changing the way they market online, how they engage across social media and the digital tools they employ and everywhere.

Millennials are no stranger to online communications. They’ve always known email, texting and instant messaging. They’ve been living out loud for sometime on Facebook and Twitter. They practically invented the selfie. They are transparent and expect others to be as well, especially brands.

Furthermore, “Social Collaboration” is an emerging discipline which tries to deal with this situation. It uses a people-oriented approach to collaboration that draws knowledge from social sciences to help us to better understand what drives people to share and collaborate with each other. It extends beyond teams and might involve anyone and any number of people and it relies on using our personal networks to rapidly diffuse, attract and filter information.

Finally, For digital marketers, it means more dialogues and fewer monologues. It means the end of disruptive ads. It means being responsive and being present across a plethora of digital channels, from mobile to social. It means being cool without trying to be cool.



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