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Once you manage to get a blueprint version of your product live, the next step needs to be optimizing its design and UX, so you can better channel your users to convert. When you’re part of a startup, it can be hard to distinguish the importance of design and usability in your product. This means you need to have a product that not only allows you to stand out, but that also offers the best experience, functionality, and programming for buyers. It can be so easy to get caught up with refining your product and understanding how to properly market it while you let your products UX and UI become an afterthought.

In fact, a beautiful design is nice, but it cannot make up for a poorly functioning product. So, while design needs to be an element that’s mixed in from the beginning, it won’t help your product succeed if people aren’t able to properly use it. Nowadays, mobile users have drastically increased over the years. In fact, time spent on mobile devices in the US is now significantly higher at 51% compared to desktop (42%). This means, you really need to begin focusing on the mobile interface on your product. Without one that’s appropriately designed, users won’t spend time using your product. This also puts you at risk for losing conversion opportunities. One needs to be aware of how many people use your product on mobile and strategize how to improve it.

Fianlly, check out the full infographic below by Venture 51!


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