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To build a successful marketing automation strategy, you’ll need to address each of the key elements of marketing automation, including database segmentation, content creation, outbound messaging, lead nurturing and analytics.

With a complete strategy for marketing automation, you’ll be able to analyze every stage of your digital marketing campaigns to gain insight into what works, and what doesn’t, across your target audience. Before you download our strategic guide to success here are some key success fundamentals you will need to get you off on the right foot.

Marketing automation- steps to success

• Create a multichannel campaign schedule to maintain a consistent flow of engaging content
• Keep web forms short and simple to start with and then use progressive profiling and pre-filled forms to build up information on your prospects
• Repurpose your content across channels to improve lead generation
• Emails and landing pages should be developed with a mobile first strategy, then A/B and multivariate tested after being built
• Use secondary landing pages at strategic points along the customer journey to present similar, relevant content, keeping the user engaged
• Take care to allocate leads to the relevant nurture program and pass them to the appropriate team member as soon as they’re sales-ready
• Create content specific to your persona.

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