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 The role of digital strategy and how to keep plates spinning while integrating with design is significant from client’s strategic needs perspective. In this article they share four key ways, so that the creative people can integrate design and strategy as adherence to the create a greate customer experience.

01. Don’t rely on jargon

Sometimes, simplicity is the best policy. If we talk about things like “inherent, brand, positioning, perception” we’re met with blank faces within the small business arena even amongst srakeholders. We’re in the business of communication, so why use complicated jargon when talking to people who are not familiar with the industry? That’s also the best policy to adopt to understand customer’s knowledge and set priorities.


02. Blur the lines

Fluidity between different stages of the design process is key. It starts with research, through interviews, audits and workshops. Next comes strategy, including positioning and brand narrative. Technically our design stage is third, but we often blur stages two and three. Sometimes It’s tailored and different for individual clients, how to go from where they are verbally, to visually how they’re going to look.


03. Embedding the strategy

Stage four includes guidelines and implementation,and for bigger clients, this is followed by implementing the same i.e, “communicating the new brand to team within the organisation and helping them figure out their launch plans.” Thereafter comes how the clients going to take it and validating the same strategy. As we often say, “If a brand doesn’t percolate down, it’s not going to work. It’ll be one of those stuck-on brands that people often criticise.”


04. Remember: tough is good

People say: “that project must have been difficult, and if we say, ‘Yes it was,’ they say: “Good! You’ll be able to do ours.” That happens again and again. You’d be amazed how many clients need to know you can handle the personalities in the boardroom.”

After all, “The politics of a rebrand are far more complicated than straightforward new brand projects,”

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