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When it comes to graphic or web design, the terminology is the same across the board so don’t worry and although a good designer should be able to communicate with their team without using a whole lot of industry terms, it’s not hard to learn the lingo.

Want to feel even more connected to your designer?

In the infographic below, Pagemodo defines some of the most common design terms that marketers will hear day to day from their creative team. With it, pretty soon you will be speaking like a designer in no time!

Here is a quick look at the design terms, that you will learn:

  • The Process (Wireframes, Comps, Prototype)
  • The Look (Bleed, Grid, White Space, Gradient, Padding, Margin)
  • The Letters (Leading, Kerning, Typography, Font)
  • The Web (Below the Fold, Responsive, Resolution, Web Colors, Web Safe Fonts)
  • The Acronyms (CMYK, RGB, DPI/PPI, UI, UX)
  • The Files (JPEG, GIF, PSD, PDF, PNG )


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