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In today’s innovation-driven world, the number of mobile devices has already exceeded the global human population and it is continue to prosper. More than ever, businesses are actively interacting using their mobile devices since it is considered to be the most perfect way to reach out to target audience over marketing automation. All thanks goes to the easy to download applications that users can quickly spread the information and enjoy the process.

Let’s not forget the fact that Smartphones are actually driving and directing our lives and contributing immensely in improving our lifestyle, productivity level, fitness activities and much more we can think of. The latest trends that are expected to dominate the mobile technology are mentioned below:

  • Smartphones to control Internet of Things (IoT): Just imagine your Smartphone as the remote control to open the doors, lock cars and monitor the current temperature of the building. This trend has already begun and will continue to create highlights.
  • Focus on Mobile Design for Businesses and Online Platforms: Big corporations and online entrepreneurs can’t avoid the increasing traffic coming from mobile phones. Users are adopting a mobile lifestyle and use their mobile phones to browse applications and websites. Responsive designs for websites are sure to augment in the year 2016.
  • Mobile Payments will increase indiscreetly: Over a period of time as mobile wallets becoming a standard feature on Smartphones and retailers accepting proximity payments from systems such as – Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay mobile payments will definite to experience the ascent.
  • Advanced Wi-Fi Networks: The demand for Wi-Fi networks and development of new trends like 802.11ac (Waves 1 and 2), 11aq, 11ah, 11ad will enhance the performance of mobile devices. These will be available for the future generation of tablets and Smartphones.
  • Phablets on Fast Move: As people are moving fast to Phablets, top reputed brands are looking for fantastic ways to keep a hold on mobile market by producing these Phablets. They are in huge demand and people have already anticipated that the advanced virtual reality is not too far away.

At this point of time where everything is connected virtually and the fact that people are hooked to the connected world, it’s high time we should make the most of this technology-oriented environment. Not to forget, IT knows it all how to support a world of innovation where changes are nurtured regularly. Do you feel the urge of getting deeper into how IT firms can leverage on these trends? Well, stay mindful…

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