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Relaunches are substantial, complex and can involve risks. However, constant adjustments are necessary to improve your page’s usability and functionality. That’s why you should carefully coordinate every single step. Exact planning and predefined goals are crucial in order to be able to determine the success of your implementation. A backup system can be helpful for saving all website data before taking measures.

You should also consider existing redirects: If the domain changes, it is especially important that those URLs showing the most traffic or those with a lot of link power are permanently redirected to the URLs of the new domain.

From exact planning, to tracking, to detailed monitoring, we help you step by step on your way to the perfect website relaunch. Finally, a relaunch does not only involve changes on the website but also adapting the social media profiles and tracking codes. Watch out for these 10 important relaunch tips from On Page, following the same, you will be all set for a fresh start of your page!

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